Motivational Interviewing Therapy in Maryland

You know you have some unhealthy habits you want to change, but you can’t quite seem to motivate yourself to take action. Maybe you’ve tried to quit smoking, start an exercise routine, or eat healthier in the past, but old patterns and self-sabotage got in the way. Motivational interviewing or MI therapy, could be the solution you’ve been looking for. In just a few sessions of MI therapy in Maryland, you can gain insights into what’s holding you back, build confidence in your ability to change and find the motivation within yourself to finally take steps towards a healthier lifestyle.

MI is effective in helping people address addictions, anxiety, health issues, and more. Motivational interviewing therapy at Elevated Wellness in Maryland could help you uncover your motivation and accomplish your goals.

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What Is Motivational Interviewing Therapy?

Motivational interviewing, or Ml, is a counseling technique that fosters change through collaborative conversations, building motivation and commitment. The therapist uses open-ended questions and reflective listening to understand the client’s perspectives and experiences in a non-judgmental way.
Some of the core principles of MI include:

  • Expressing empathy through reflective listening
  • Developing discrepancies between clients’ goals or values and their current behavior
  • Avoiding arguments and direct confrontation
  • Adjusting to client resistance rather than opposing it directly
  • Supporting self-efficacy and optimism

In essence, motivational interviewing therapy in Maryland is a powerful tool for promoting positive behavior change by fostering a supportive, non-confrontational environment that respects and enhances an individual’s autonomy and motivation.

What Is Motivational Interviewing Therapy

What Happens During a Motivational Interview Session?

During a motivational interviewing (MI) session in Maryland, you’ll sit down for about an hour with a trained therapist to have an open, compassionate conversation about behavior change.
The therapist will ask you open-ended questions to understand your goals and situation, fostering rapport. They’ll reflect on what you’re saying to show they’re listening. Don’t worry, there’s no judgment here.
You’ll explore how certain behaviors or habits aren’t serving you well anymore. The therapist may share information about health risks or impacts to help raise your awareness of the need for change, but the decision is always yours.

Together, you’ll identify the pros and cons of change versus staying the same. The therapist will highlight your motivations for change and help strengthen your commitment to better choices by resolving any doubts or barriers.

What Happens During a Motivational Interview Session

If you do decide you want to make a change, the therapist will help you set a realistic and meaningful goal, and then create a tailored plan to achieve it. They’ll teach coping strategies and ways to stay on track. In certain instances, the optimal approach involves integrating MI therapy with other evidence-based therapies. Follow-up sessions are common to check in on your progress and make adjustments as needed. MI therapy is a collaborative process focused on empowering you. At Elevated Wellness, the therapist serves as a guide, not an authority. Their role is to draw out your motivations for positive change, fostering confidence in your ability to succeed.

How Can Motivational Interviewing Help You?

Motivational interviewing (MI) therapy can help you make positive changes in your life. This collaborative approach focuses on identifying and strengthening your motivation and commitment to change.

Setting Meaningful Goals

MI helps you explore your goals and values to choose changes that are meaningful to you. Instead of telling you what you “should” do, MI helps you find your own motivation and reasons for change. This makes success more likely.

Building Confidence and Overcoming Ambivalence

We all feel unsure or conflicted at times. Mi helps you work through feelings of ambivalence or self-doubt in a compassionate way. As you talk through the pros and cons of a change with your therapist, you’ll gain insight and confidence in your ability to succeed.

Learning New Skills

Making lasting changes often requires learning new ways of thinking and acting. MI teaches you skills like how to avoid triggers, cope with cravings, solve problems, ask for support, and reward yourself for milestones achieved. Practicing these techniques with your therapist helps ensure you can apply them in real-world situations.

Staying on Track

Change is a journey, not a destination. Mi helps you anticipate obstacles and plan solutions to avoid relapse or discouragement. Your MI therapist will provide accountability and help you renew your motivation and commitment through regular follow-up sessions. Together, you’ll celebrate successes, learn from slip-ups, and continue moving forward.

Empowering Self-Discovery

Motivational interviewing in Maryland encourages self-discovery by helping you uncover your intrinsic motivations for change. Through reflective conversations, your MI therapist guides you to explore your values, strengths, and personal drivers. This process fosters a deeper understanding of yourself, empowering you to make informed decisions and embrace positive transformations that align with your authentic self.

Therapy for Mental Health at Elevated Wellness

Elevated Wellness embraces MI’s collaborative and compassionate approach, allowing you to achieve meaningful changes by tapping into your motivation and strengths. Whether you’re dealing with addiction, health issues, relationship problems, or life transitions, MI may be able to help you build the confidence and skills to succeed. Take the first step toward a healthier mindset— contact us for mental health treatment today.
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